Organization and Function

The General Affairs Office is a service team that belongs to logistics support, and the specific performance of general affairs work is “service”. The purpose of the service is to make the school a holistic living and learning environment, which is an important foundation for the school’s competitiveness and sustainable development.

Overall, the mission of the Office is to create a sustainable campus; The vision is to create a teaching, learning and living environment that is in line with the concept of sustainable development; The core values are health and safety, energy conservation and carbon reduction, efficiency service, and quality creation.

Based on the characteristics of campus hardware construction and logistics support, the general affairs work is organized according to the nature and function of the work, in addition to main office, four Division are set up: the General Services Division、the Procurement & Property Management Division、the Construction & Maintenance Division and the Cashier Division.

At present, the total number of staff is 69, and it operates and manages about 35 hectares of campus land and 61 school buildings, providing 16,000 teachers and students with high-quality services.

Vision and Goals

In the era of pursuing innovation and diversity in higher education, the core values of the General Affairs Office will uphold innovative change, refined efficiency and professional models, and exert a proactive service spirit to support the sustainable development of the university.

With the vision of “pursuing excellence and sustainable operation”, taking “service management” as our responsibility, carrying out “business integration” as the goal, and adhering to the work beliefs of “planning innovation”, “careful management” and “dedicated service”, we give full play to the team spirit, strive to meet the needs of various units, integrate the administrative resources of various departments, assist in improving and enhancing the quality of the campus teaching and research environment, and fulfill the roles of “campus management” and “logistics support”.

With the concept of “safety, health and sustainability”, and from the six development trends of fully human situation, ecological environment, flexible space, intelligent system, humanized service and complex operation, campus reengineering actions will be carried out to shape a high-quality campus environment and create a green and sustainable high-quality campus as the highest ideal.

At this stage, the campus development goals are described as follows:

Building a Multi-functional “Creative Campus”

In the future, the concept of Universal Design will be introduced to create a multicultural environment and create a friendly international campus.

And use ingenuity to artistize the campus visual guidance system, make the campus space an attractive focus situation, and create a complete campus visual guidance system with edifying functions.

Building a Warm and Caring “Friendly Campus”

Driven by our all-round friendly campus policies and solutions, we have shaped a whole-person friendly campus with “love” at its core.

In the future, more effective security maintenance mechanisms will be used to maintain the campus safety of the Open University, support friendly and open interaction and links, and nourish a fertile soil for learning, research and innovation.

Implementing a “Green Campus” for Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction

Green campus energy conservation and carbon reduction has been used as a sustainable development strategy for campuses.

In line with the mission of sustainable campus, we will respond to the serious changes in the global environment caused by global warming, coupled with the fermentation of energy security and sustainable development issues, and look forward to transforming from a traditional campus environment to a low-carbon campus that integrates green, ecological, low-carbon, energy-saving, health and other functions, and work together to alleviate global warming and build a low-carbon society.


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